Your Security

Threats to your financial security exist everywhere but most prevalent in the digital community!  With a quick click, your personal and/or financial information can be compromised.  The easiest way to protect yourself is to be informed.

In this section, we have provided you with different types of fraud threats and ways in which you can protect yourself.  This is not by any means a complete list of the ways in which you can be defrauded.  For additional information, please also visit:

The Financial Consumer Agency of Canada

The Canadian Anti-fraud Centre

Microsoft Safety and Security Center


Fraud Alerts

There is no end to the inventiveness and persistence of fraud artists.  This section aims to inform you of known threats and will be updated as we become aware of new schemes.


This section contains a few additional terms in case you need some clarification.


You need to know that your privacy is safe.  This is a quick look at our commitment to your privacy.

Protect Yourself

The most sure-fire way to protect yourself is to know what you need protection against and how to safeguard against it. 

Protect Your Business

What worse publicity could you have than to have customers scammed at your business?  If your business uses debit terminals, this section contains a few ways on how to safeguard against fraud. 

What if I’m a Victim?

Uh oh.  You think you may have fallen victim to fraud.  What do you do now?