What if I'm a Victim?

If you think you may have been a victim of fraud, contact us immediately:

               Centreville           276-3221

               Fredericton          458-9145

               Woodstock          328-8120

If your debit card or credit card has been lost or stolen, contact the following:

               Debit Card                                  1-888-895-4897

               Collabria Financial MasterCard       1-855-341-4643
               Outside North America                 1-647-252-9564

Call us if you:

  • Can’t locate your MemberCard - Don't forget about Lock'N'BlockTM
  • Do not recognize account transactions
  • Feel that your PAC or PIN may have been compromised
  • Notice that cheques are missing from your cheque book
  • Do not receive your bank statement in a timely manner
  • Provided personal and/or financial information or money to a fraudster
  • Are unable to locate personal identification such as your driver’s license or passport

What we will do:

We understand how frustrating and stressful it can be to have your account information compromised and we will do everything we can to help you protect your Progressive Credit Union account.  Depending on the level of compromise, we will:

  • Review all recent transactions on your account(s)
  • Place warnings on your account(s)
  • Cancel your old MemberCard and order you a new one
  • Put a stop payment on any missing cheques
  • Provide you with a new Personal Access Code for MemberDirect Online Banking and TeleService
  • Restrict or stop all access to your account(s)
  • Help you open a new account(s)

At your earliest opportunity, you should also ensure that you contact all creditors or financial service providers as well as any other organizations that have automatic withdrawals from your account(s).