Member Surveys

Continually Improving...for you!

Here at Progressive Credit Union, you - our members - are our top priority.  When it comes to banking and managing your money, we are focused on you and your financial well-being.  That means you can always expect sound advice from our financial experts, with no obligations and no strings.

It also means that your opinions are vitally important to us.  What are we doing well?  What could we be doing better?  What are we not doing at all that you wish we would?  That's why we're asking you to tell us how you see it. 

Please choose the appropriate survey below and fill us in on what you think.  Both are set up to take jut a few minutes of your time and are completely anonymous.

New Member Survey

If you just opened your membership with us, we want to hear how you felt the account opening process went.

Current Member Survey

If you've been a member with us for awhile, you know what to expect from us and you know what you want from us.  Please let us know how we're doing.