Become an Owner

Credit Union members are both customer and owner. As a customer, you receive the services you want and as an owner you enjoy a return on your share investment in the form of competitive rates, value pricing for premium service, and local control of your own financial institution.

As a Credit Union Member, you get to influence the progress of your financial institution. There is a voluntary Board of Directors that you elect with your right to vote at the Annual General Meeting – in addition, you may run for the Board of Directors yourself or become a Board Committee Member.  As neighbors, living and working in the same community, Progressive Credit Union offers all the financial services needed for your own economic benefit. You’ll enjoy a flexible approach to business and responsiveness to local concerns.


Membership requires purchasing one (1) share at a value of $5.00.  This $5.00 is yours and will stay on deposit with Progressive Credit Union for as long as you are a member. You may also purchase up to 399 additional shares at a value of $5 each.  These voluntary shares will receive a preferred interest rate but are not covered under deposit insurance.  This is an investment in your Credit Union which has no effect on your voting rights.

To become a member of Progressive Credit Union, you are required by law to provide personal information in addition to proof of identity.  You may begin the process on this website and finalize it in-branch or you may choose to complete it start to finish at one of our branches.  The choice is yours.  Please be prepared to spend some time with us for your account opening.


In compliance with Revenue Canada regulations, we will ask for your Social Insurance Number.  There are cases where this may be exempted.  We will also need to see two other pieces of identifications; one should be photo identification, for example Driver’s Licence or Passport.  Please note that by law we are unable to accept Medicare cards as proof of identification.


For further information, and to answer any questions you may have, please contact one of our branches:

Centreville    276-3221

Fredericton   458-9145

Woodstock    328-8120


Choose a financial institution where the very ownership is designed to focus on, and be sensitive to, your needs!