Credit Cards

Accepted worldwide, this convenient payment option allows you to buy now and pay later. With low fees and competitive rates, you receive a unique package of benefits and worldwide recognition.

We offer a choice of cards, plus, with the Choice Rewards program, you receive points which are redeemable for free travel and brand-name merchandise. Simply visit one of our service centres and pick up your MasterCard application today!

Global Payment

The same flexibility and convenience of a traditional MasterCard but with one big difference:  the funds are automatically moved from your Credit Union account to pay off the balance immediately after the transaction is completed.

Global Payment MasterCard

No Fee Loyality
Convenience of a credit card at no cost.

No Fee Loyalty MasterCard

Low Fee
This card has the perfect combination of features at a great price.

Low Fee MasterCard

Low Fee MasterCard with Choice Rewards

Low Fee Gold MasterCard

Low Fee Gold MasterCard with Choice Rewards

This card is designed to provide you with exceptional coverage and convenience.

Gold MasterCard

Gold MasterCard with Choice Rewards

This prestigious card will appeal to your need for convenience , security and sense of adventure and also offers an exclusive travel reward program.

Platinum MasterCard

Start building a credit rating - before you enter the workforce.

Student MasterCard

Student MasterCard with Choice Rewards

This MasterCard is perfect for small businesses who want financial convenience.

Business MasterCard

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