Monthly Savings Plan - Bond Beater

A great way to save! Designed as a bond alternative, this convenient plan can be set up quickly and easily with automatic transfers.


  • Save money with NO FEES
  • Earn more interest with higher rates than comparable plans


  • Rate of return guaranteed to be 1/4 of 1 percent higher than comparable plans
  • Available to set up anytime you have a savings goal you wish to reach - vacation, Christmas, down payment for your new home
  • Compounded monthly interest
  • Matures when your goal is reached
  • Convenient automatic transfer from your reqular account


Click for currrent interest rate

Payment Frequency

Savings Goal*





12 monthly




24 bi-monthly




26 bi-weekly




52 weekly




Interest is calculated on your minimum daily balance and paid monthly directly to the account.

                See your credit union staff to set one up today!

*numbers are rounded